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Spring Contest Winners!!

Winter Contest

First Place Winner

Anna Bain

Title: The Young Explorer
Medium: Oils
The Young Explorer

Second Place Winner

Davina Romansky

Title: Cascading (Necklace)
Medium: Silver
Cascading (Necklace)

Third Place Winner

Roosevelt Bynum

Title: Merced River
Medium: Photography (B&W)
Merced River

Fourth Place Winner

Meredith Edmondson

Title: Lacunae
Medium: Glass

Honorable Mentions

Egyptian queen
Steve Rude
Joshua Medcalf
Yolanda Franklin
Title: Egyptian Queen
Title: Filters 1
Title: Majestic
Living Ring
David Mayhew
Avery Lucas
Jeffrey Palm
Title: Sky Net
Title: Living Ring
Title: Rainbow Falls




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